It’s never too late to achieve a perfect smile. We use technology that is nearly invisible, with our GC Orthodontics clear-looking bracket system; or for a truly invisible look, we offer the Invisalign® system. Some adults have even opted for traditional braces to get the look they have always wanted. Whether it be for adult Invisalign® or adult braces, when you visit Igel Orthodontics for your free initial consultation, our orthodontists will talk with you about which treatment plan will be the best for you.

Depending on your care needs, certain corrections cannot be accomplished with braces alone because an adult’s facial bones are no longer growing. By using the combined approach of surgery and orthodontics, Dr. Igel and Dr. Chartrand are able to achieve some very dramatic facial changes. Set up your complimentary adult orthodontic treatment consultation in Omaha, Nebraska with Dr. Igel or Dr. Chartrand by calling (402) 330-1152 today!