Can I Wear Invisalign® While in the Pool?

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One question we hear from patients undergoing orthodontics is, “Can I swim with Invisalign® and can I continue to play watersports during my orthodontic treatment?” Whether you enjoy outdoor pool time during the warmer months or work out in indoor pools during the fall and winter, the question remains, can you safely swim while wearing your aligners and will chlorine harm them?

The answer is yes!  When creating your aligners we use a 3D model of your mouth so you get the ideal fit for moving your teeth into correct alignment. This means your Invisalign aligners are customized to fit securely over your teeth and also means they won’t fall out of your mouth while you are in a swimming pool (or on an oceanside vacation). In addition, you can swim without worry that chemicals like chlorine will harm your aligners.

Depending on how much time you’ll be in the water, you can remove your aligners while you swim. Just remember, you still need to wear your aligners for the required 22 hours every day if you want to stay on track with your orthodontic goals. This means if you’re a recreational swimmer, you can safely take them out for a short while, but if you are a competitive swimmer who spends hours in the pool at a time, then you will want to wear your aligners while poolside to make sure your orthodontic progress isn’t hindered.

Rinse After Swimming

If you tend to take in a lot of pool water while swimming with your aligners you can trap the chlorinated water around your teeth. With time, this could harm tooth enamel (think “swimmers teeth”). Work to keep your mouth closed while you swim and remove your aligners afterward to thoroughly rinse them and your teeth.

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