Healthy, Brace-Friendly Halloween Ideas

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cute Halloween decorations from fruit

At Igel Orthodontics, your local Omaha, NE orthodontic practice, we love the excitement that comes with the fall season, but fear the damage that hard and chewy Halloween candy can do to your braces. This is why Dr. Igel and his orthodontic team have decided to provide our patients and their parents with healthy Halloween treats that are kid-friendly and orthodontist approved!

It is important that kids avoid sticky and chewy candies such as gummy bears, caramels or licorice. Additionally, it is important to stay away from hard candy that can damage your wires and brackets such as suckers, jawbreakers or gumballs. Instead of bringing a bowl of candy to your next Halloween party, try out one of the fantastic recipes below!

String Cheese Witches Broom

Try making these fun and whimsical string cheese brooms that are easy to assemble and even more fun to eat! To make them all you need is a bag of string cheese sticks (mozzarella), 1 bag of mini pretzels and a green onion for décor (optional).

To assemble, take your string cheese sticks and cut them into 1/3 pieces using a knife for a clean cut. Take one end of each string cheese piece and peel it half way up the top. Next, take one mini pretzel and insert it into the flat end of the string cheese. For an extra bit of color, take a small strip of green onion and tie it around the cheese broom.

Spooky Boo-Nana Ghosts

While it may seem difficult to create a fun Halloween treat without damaging your braces or causing cavities, it really is simple! All you need to create this easy recipe is a bunch of bananas and a bag of mini or regular chocolate chips.

To assemble, take your bananas and peel and cut them in half. One banana should equal two ghosts (you can create varying sizes by cutting smaller ghosts similar to the photo above). Next, take two mini chocolate chips and place them pointed tip down into the banana to make the eyes. If you wish to add a mouth, take a larger chocolate chip and place it tip down underneath the eyes of the ghost. It is that easy!

We appreciate you choosing Dr. Kort Igel as your Omaha, NE orthodontist. For more helpful tips during the Orthodontic Health Month of October, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!