How a Teen’s Smile Affects Their Self-Confidence

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close up of a teen's braces

The teenage years are amazing! There are so many new experiences to be had and an emerging sense of freedom! However, this can also be a challenging time, learning to balance friends, academics, sports and other commitments. With so much on your plate, the last thing you need to worry about is your smile.



First impressions are often based on physical appearance, including your smile. This is especially true during the teenage years. We have seen over the years thousands of teenagers who are all self-conscious about their smile due to crooked teeth.

Research has indicated that “irregularities in the teeth and jaws are a cause of teasing and harassment among children.” These irregularities can impact social interactions, relationships, and mental health.

survey conducted by Kelton, and sponsored by Invisalign, found that 96% of US teens who aren’t happy with their smile are insecure about their appearance and 30% of respondents were most self-conscious about their teeth.

Even though what’s on the inside is vastly more important than outward appearance, it’s still important for you to be able to smile with confidence! The bottom line is, when you think you look good, you feel good and that carries over into everything else.

Confident teens grow and learn because they dive into new experiences head first. They also tend to be more motivated and try to reach new goals, even with a possibility of failure. Another benefit is they are less likely to fall into the peer pressure trap.

While straight teeth aren’t the only factor when it comes to confidence, a healthy, beautiful smile certainly helps and years of research proves it.

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