Meet Our Newest Doctor As Our Igel Orthodontic Team Continues To Grow!

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At Igel Orthodontics located in Omaha, Nebraska, we haven’t just been helping patients create healthier smiles through orthodontic intervention, but also healthier bodies for those struggling with sleep apnea, thanks to airway orthodontics. But that’s not all! To help us continue our exceptional orthodontic care, our team is also growing!

Meet Our New Doctor

We invite you to meet the newest addition to our orthodontic team, and welcome Dr. Daniel Chartrand onboard! After an extensive search, we knew Dr. Chartrand was the best fit for our team and our mission. His unique background, coupled with extensive training, will undoubtedly be a benefit for our patients and their families seeking excellent orthodontic care.

Dr. Chartrand originally hails from Alton, Illinois, and attended the Southern Illinois School of Dental Medicine (SIU). After he graduated, Dr. Chartrand joined the United States Air Force where he went on to complete an Advanced Education degree in General Dentistry as well as the Tri-Service Orthodontic Residency program. For the past 3 years, Dr. Chartrand has been serving at Offutt Air Force Base as an Associate Professor, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences Staff Orthodontist for the AEGD-1 program and Sole Orthodontic Provider.

Dr. Chartrand is married to his wonderful wife, Rachel, and together they have four adorable children, Patrick, Grace, Maddie and Charlotte. Although they enjoyed moving around with the Air Force, the Chartrand family is super excited to call Nebraska their forever home! In his free time, you can find Dr. Chartrand winding down through reading, biking, running, baking and of course spending time with both family and friends.

Providing Orthodontic Care

Both of our doctors, Dr. Igel and Dr. Chartrand are passionate about airway-centered orthodontics, creating an individualized treatment plan for every patient we see. This allows us to continue to provide the exceptional patient experience you have come to expect from our team. To make sure you get the most efficient and best possible diagnosis and treatment, both doctors look forward to seeing you together as a team. So when you come in for your next visit, Dr. Chartrand will be the new friendly smile you see alongside Dr. Igel. We invite you to say hello and give him a warm welcome.

It is crucial for growing children to overcome problems early by enlarging and developing their airways properly. Untreated sleep apnea in children is linked to serious medical issues, like learning and behavioral problems, impaired growth, and even heart disease. Whether we are helping you or your child receive orthodontic care for a straighter smile or getting much-needed help for sleep apnea, our team can provide airway orthodontics to make all the difference. Our doctors take into account facial structure, nasal passages, sinuses and jaw development before recommending braces or Invisalign®.

Call Today

Dr. Igel, Dr. Chartrand and our entire team are committed to helping raise awareness of sleep apnea and stressing the importance of proper breathing and sleeping for a healthier, happier life. We welcome you to set up a complimentary orthodontic treatment consultation with Dr. Igel and Dr. Chartrand today. Please call (402) 330-1152 to book your visit, and get ready to smile!