Invisalign®, the braces alternative, allows our patients to get the smile of a lifetime without having to feel self-conscious about braces.

It’s a unique system of clear overlay templates called aligners that gradually move the teeth. With Invisalign, you have clear, custom aligners that can be removed at any time for easier oral hygiene. Using Invisalign is a comfortable experience and requires a shorter treatment time than traditional braces without the use of wires or brackets.

Invisalign works very well for busy adults who do not want to spend the time visiting the orthodontists or making the trips that are required for braces; or who may not be a candidate for traditional orthodontic treatment. Since you can easily remove your aligners to clean them and to brush your teeth, you can continue to enjoy all of the foods you love and avoid the restrictions on your diet that come with braces. Since the aligners are clear and fit snugly against your teeth, they are almost invisible to other people, so you can continue to keep a natural look in work or social settings. The focus will be on you and not on your dental work. To learn more about the Invisalign system in Omaha, Nebraska, call Igel Orthodontics at (402) 330-1152 to make an appointment with Dr. Igel or Dr. Chartrand.

Invisalign FAQs