Our Orthodontic Team Has Upgraded From Using iTero® 3Digital Scanner Technology to 5D for Even More Advanced Enhanced Abilities!

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Our patients haven’t had to deal with messy orthodontic impressions for years now, thanks to 3D iTero® scanner technology. But now Igel Orthodontics is excited to announce that we have officially upgraded to 5D scanners with enhanced abilities like more expertise and engagement in a single scan as we create your orthodontic treatment plan!

That’s because Igel Orthodontics is at the forefront of orthodontic treatment as one of the few practices currently using iTero® digital scanners in Omaha, Nebraska. With it, we can take a full picture of your smile to produce these visual 5D images. With iTero® digital scanner technology, we can take the most precise digital visuals possible so that your Invisalign® aligners can be crafted for the most accurate and comfortable fit.

This first hybrid dental imaging system records in 5D, intraoral color and NIRI images — so we don’t need to use several devices to make your impressions possible. Because of iTero TimeLapse technology, our patients are also engaged in the treatment process by viewing diagnostic, restorative and orthodontic comparisons firsthand.

Thanks to the revolutionary technology employed by this digital scanner we create the ideal model so that your end results after wearing your clear aligners ultimately give you the perfect results you have always wanted. This leading-edge technology is also available to help all of our patients whether they are looking for an orthodontic appliance or a removable retainer at the end of their Invisalign treatment time.

At Igel Orthodontics, our team makes your comfort a top priority, and thanks to 5D iTero innovative technology, you can experience the 5D difference during your orthodontic treatment time with us. If you would like to learn more, we welcome you to call (402) 330-1152 today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Kort Igel!