Preparing Your Kids for Orthodontic Treatment

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A group of smiling kids

Preparing a child for braces or for any type of orthodontic treatment does not need to be a difficult task. The preparation process has much to do with simply explaining the reasons that orthodontic treatment is necessary with your child. Explain to your child that braces are a treatment for different dental issues and that the final results will be a beautiful and healthy smile.

Aside from explaining the reasons that braces may be necessary, you can make your child feel more comfortable by letting them know about other people, both relatives and celebrities, who have also had braces in the past and now have beautiful and straight smiles. Kids often like to see the orthodontic results that other people have achieved before they are willing to go through with the changes and have braces put on.

If your child’s teeth are getting in the way of their daily routine by causing discomfort and preventing your child from being able to eat properly or clean their teeth properly, orthodontic treatment can make such a huge improvement in their life.

Dr. Igel is a considerate and professional orthodontist who ensures his patients, regardless of age, will feel comfortable throughout their treatment process.