Accelerated Treatment

Accelerated Orthodontics is the standard of care offered at Igel Orthodontics.

AcceleDent® speeds up your orthodontic treatment so that you can achieve that beautiful smile in less time! It is a simple-to-use, hands-free device used daily for a recommended 20 minutes. The comfortable light-weight device generates micropulses to speed up tooth movement up to 50% faster.

Using the device is a simple process of pressing your teeth down on the mouthpiece to hold the device firmly in place and turning it on. You can enjoy activities such as reading, listening to music or watching TV while the device is working while you are on the path to straighter teeth! Use & Care instructions are available here.

We recommend AcceleDent to all our patients in conjunction with their braces or aligners to reduce treatment time and ease discomfort. Because who wouldn’t want a fabulous smile in less time and with less discomfort?

AcceleDent Optima combines high-tech performance features and a comprehensive app to enhance your accelerated orthodontic experience and empower you to become a full participant in your treatment.  


AcceleDent FAQ's 


AcceleDent NOW

AcceleDent®NOW™ Premier Providers offer a NoRisk, 60 Day Trial of AcceleDent. Premier Providers have quantities on hand to provide to all patients at the start of treatment.