When you choose Igel Orthodontics, you experience great results from a friendly team of orthodontic professionals. Dr. Igel and Dr. Chartrand customized airway-centered orthodontic treatment plans are intended to develop the jaws to ensure proper breathing and prevent orthodontic related sleep problems. Dr. Igel and Dr. Chartrand avoid extracting teeth whenever possible — their goal is to create more room for your teeth. Focusing on proper face, jaw and airway development is our goal because better breathing can positively impact sleep, behavior and brain development. Dr. Igel, Dr. Chartrand and our team is specially trained in expansion mechanics and understands the benefit of it. Orthodontics is all we do, which means we are very good at it.

While we offer comfort and convenience by focusing on your needs, you receive so much more than that. We have convenient appointment times, flexible financing options and, at the end, you can reach a healthy beautiful smile! Dr. Igel and Dr. Chartrand have transformed thousands of smiles over the years. Below are just some of the reasons why so many patients look to Dr. Igel and Dr. Chartrand for their orthodontic care in Omaha, Nebraska. If you would like to see how we can help you, call us for a complimentary consultation today at (402) 330-1152.

3D imaging
3D X-Rays
We are relentless in providing the ultimate orthodontic experience. We are constantly upgrading to the latest and best technology, which allows us to deliver more accurate, faster and ultimately better orthodontic treatment. With 3D digital X-rays, we can provide the most precise orthodontic diagnosis possible.


award winning ribbon badge graphic
Award Winning
Dr. Igel is a 5-star rated, Award Winning Orthodontist earning many accolades over the years. Since 2007 Dr. Igel has been voted as the Best Orthodontist in Omaha Magazine’s Best of Omaha contest. In addition, he has received Best Orthodontist awards from The Reader Magazine’s Best of the Big O, The Omaha World Herald’s Omaha Choice Awards, is a Top Dentist Award Winner and #1 Orthodontist in Nebraska as rated by Top Rated Local, and is ranked among the top 100 businesses in Nebraska! Dr. Igel has also been recognized as the Face of Orthodontics by Omaha Magazine since 2016!


unaffordable word being cut with scissors to make the word affordable
Affordable Payment Options
Orthodontic treatment doesn’t need to break the bank! We offer affordable payment options and interest-free financing. Let’s discuss some options at your free consultation.


emergency dental care
After Hours Emergencies
Orthodontic emergencies are rare, but there are times when they can arise. If you experience a problem during treatment, our team is here. We have on-call assistants who can guide you to a solution.


Appointment Reminder
Appointment Reminders
Life gets busy … let us help! We will send you both e-mail and text reminders of your appointments to help you stay on track!



Orthodontist using a digital scanner
Digital Scanners
Messy impressions are a thing of the past at our office. iTero® digital scanners are used to capture 3D images of your mouth to fabricate appliances, Invisalign® and retainers.


Family Discounts
Family Discounts
When your family has multiple family members in need of treatment, you will be glad you chose us! We understand the investment of a beautiful smile can add up when you have a big family. To make sure that no smile gets left behind, Igel Orthodontics offers family discounts!


Free Exam
Free Consultation
At our practice, consultations are FREE! During this one (1) hour appointment, we will take digital photographs and 3D X-rays. Dr. Igel and Dr. Chartrand will evaluate airway concerns and complete a thorough oral examination. Based on these results, Dr. Igel and Dr. Chartrand will personalize a treatment plan just for you. To schedule your free consultation, call us at 402-330-1152.


Friendly & Efficient
Dr. Igel, Dr. Chartrand and their team are some of the friendliest people you will meet. We value your time and strive for on-time scheduling each and every day. In the unlikely event you should have to wait for your appointment, we go the extra mile to provide you with comfortable amenities. You can take advantage of our free WiFi, check out what’s streaming on our television screens and enjoy a beverage from our coffee bar while your children explore the play area. Our orthodontists and team want you to enjoy every moment of your visit with us. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Hassle Free
Complimentary Benefit Inquiry
We accept all insurances (though we are not a provider for Medicaid). We are happy to check on your benefits before any treatment begins so you know your estimated insurance benefits first.


Individualized Treatment Plans
Individualized Treatment Plans
One size does not fit all in orthodontics. Dr. Igel or Dr. Chartrand will provide you with an individualized, custom treatment plan based on the results of your digital photos, 3D X-rays and digital scans for your teeth.


Keep that money
Interest-Free Payments
Orthodontic treatment doesn’t need to break the bank! We offer affordable payment options and interest-free financing. Let’s discuss at your free consultation.


One-on-one Time
One-on-One Time
Dr. Igel has made it a policy for over 35+ years to be the face of our practice and the one who talks to parents after each appointment to keep you informed. Meet Dr. Igel today by scheduling your free consultation.


Progress Reports
Progress Reports
Great oral hygiene is the key to a patient’s orthodontic success. Patients are given a progress report when a little extra attention is needed with their brushing and flossing. Clean teeth and healthy gums (pink, not puffy) is what we look for at each appointment. Educating our patients on how to properly brush and floss helps ensure their success.


Retainers Included
Retainers Included With Orthodontic Treatment
When it’s time for your braces to come off, we want you smiling for a lifetime. Maintaining your beautiful, new smile is an ongoing commitment, and cooperation is the key to your success. We provide your first set of retainers as part of your orthodontic treatment.


Same Fee
Same Fee for Braces/Invisalign
Don’t let cost get in the way of what you want! Whether you prefer clear braces or Invisalign for your treatment, the cost is the same. Let us get you started today!


Self Check In boxes
Self Check-In and Self Check-Out
Our patients LOVE technology! Our self check-in and self check-out computers allow our patients to check in for their appointment AND schedule their next appointment before they leave.


Tooth Brushing Stations
Tooth Brushing Stations
Coming from work or school with no time to brush? No worries, we have brushing stations and toothbrushes ready for you when you arrive. Just check in and head back to brush!


Trusted by Local Doctors
Trusted by Local Doctors
If you are looking for a 5-star orthodontist in Omaha, Nebraska, who is referred to by local dentists, then you are in the right place! Dr. Igel and Dr. Chartrand come highly recommended because of his extensive experience and dedication to airway orthodontics. They work closely with your dentist and encourages great oral hygiene throughout your orthodontic treatment.


Worry-Free Safety Standards
Worry-Free Safety Standards
Safety and comfort are of the utmost importance in our practice. Our sterilization procedures bring a whole new level of protection to our patients. We deliver the highest standard of sterilization in dentistry.


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