Why You Should Consider Choosing Invisalign® Technology Instead of Braces to Straighten Your Teeth

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When it comes to straightening your teeth, there are alternatives to braces that can do the job much more discreetly and minimally invasively. At Igel Orthodontics located in Omaha, Nebraska, we invite you to check out why we prefer using Invisalign® to help you achieve the aligned smile you desire.

Barely visible: While clear orthodontic brackets are less visible today than the metal brackets of the past, Invisalign aligners are even less visible. The clear plastic aligners are barely noticeable, so people can focus on your eyes and smile instead.

Comfortable in the mouth: Unlike braces, you don’t have to worry about brackets and sharp edges poking the insides of your cheeks. There’s also no tightening of wires. You simply switch out your aligners every two weeks and will feel minimal tightness for a day or so as your teeth shift.

Convenient to clean: You don’t have to worry about cleaning between teeth because of food stuck in the braces. With Invisalign, you just take the aligners off while you eat, and brush and floss afterward as you normally would.

Eat your favorite foods: With braces, you have a list of food you can’t eat until they come off. Since you take your aligners out to eat, you can still dine on all your favorite meals and snacks without worrying about harming the aligner trays (just don’t throw them away after your meal if you’re eating away from home)!

Brighter looking teeth: Wearing braces can often mean developing spots under the brackets if you eat a steady diet of sweets and staining foods. Thankfully, wearing your Invisalign aligners won’t leave stains behind!

Less time at the orthodontist: When you wear braces, you need to see your orthodontist for multiple visits to have your wires tightened. With Invisalign, you just switch out your aligners at home. Wearing braces could mean more trips to see your orthodontist with poking wires and broken appliances.

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