Would You Like To Straighten Your Teeth in Half the Time? Check Out Propel® VPro™!

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A new year has begun and our Igel Orthodontic team is excited to help you create the beautiful, healthy smile you have been dreaming of. An added benefit is that straight teeth allow you to speak, chew, smile and sleep with confidence. Aligned teeth are also easier to brush and floss so your smile can achieve better oral health.

Dr. Igel has successfully treated patients of all ages, from children to adults to attain straight teeth and an aligned bite. Everyone deserves a healthy confident smile they can show with pride. Accelerated orthodontics is the standard of care our orthodontic team strives to achieve. With the help of Propel® VPro™, we can safely accelerate your orthodontic treatment in a controlled way to help you achieve your goals even faster!

This orthodontic device is both comfortable and lightweight. When in use, it generates micro pulses that speed up the movement of your teeth with minimal discomfort. Just by using PROPEL Orthodontics, you can reduce your treatment time by nearly half! Thanks to the technology, it speeds up alveolar bone remodeling, moving teeth safely without requiring drugs or other dental procedures.

The device offers you the following:

  • Simplicity
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Hands-free
  • Fast (works in just 5 minutes a day)

This may surprise you, but not only do we recommend Propel to our orthodontic patients, we give one to you at no cost! All you have to do during your orthodontic treatment is to use this device daily while you are wearing your braces or aligners. This simple combination lessens your treatment time and makes it more comfortable to boot. If you are wearing Invisalign clear aligners, this Propel treatment will help consistently seat your aligners as well as lessen the number of refinements.

This high-tech device combined with a comprehensive app helps your make the most of your treatment time. All it takes is pressing your teeth down on the Propel mouthpiece so it holds it steadily in place and then turns it on. Sit back, enjoy some tunes or read on your kindle app while the device does its job!

If you are excited about Propel® VPro™ in Omaha Nebraska, we invite you to give us a call today at (402) 330-1152. If you are eligible for orthodontic treatment you are likely a good candidate for Propel orthodontics.

We welcome you to schedule your free one-hour orthodontic consultation with Dr. Igel. He will discuss any alignment and airway concerns you may have and explain your personalized treatment plan. We will also help you understand your costs, payment options and how to file your insurance claims. Are you ready to start the new year out fast-tracking a healthy, beautifully aligned smile? If so, give us a call today!